Why q, w, x?

errorist action

In Turkey 2002 the ban on publication in languages other than Turkish was finally abolished. It was followed by recognition of the right to give non-Turkish names to children. However, in this process, the boundary between the legal and the illegal has shifted continuously because of the governments responses to daily practices. New symbols that define or represent the forbidden have surfaced: the letters Q, W and X. Because these letters do not exist in the official Turkish alphabet, their use in writings such as official documents, invitations, billboards, posters, etc. are interpreted as separatist propaganda which can and are legally prosecuted. Thus Q, W and X threaten the single-language politics of the state and, at the same time, are the very expression of exclusion. These letters show the errors of the system.

The „qwx-show ur lingua“ project seeks to identify the errors in the political system of the Turkish republic. The project will make visible the cracks, the failures, by confronting the dominant symbolic order with the signs that have been repressed.

error in social order

A typical social system "failure" are minorities, which show characteristics that are divergent from the dominant norm. In any social space an assemblage of behavioural norms are stabilised from habit: any deviation from so-called normality represent a negative valence, that is an underlying risk to the social system.

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